First Day Shreddin'!

Today was our first day in the slope. It was sooooo Sick! Bluebird all day long and so sweet! Everyone was just chillin' the small jumps, boxes/rails etc just to get friends with the boards again. and it was a awesome first day for everyone. After the slope we went home to chill a bit and then some of us went to the store and then watched movies and Joachim, Jakob and Felix went Skateboarding and play some football.

Everyone is super stoked for the ca700 euros liftpasses.. haha!

IN saas fee!

We're now in saaas feee!! the flight was in ca 2½h and then we swedish guys waited for Joachim in 1h and then hooked up with our taxi who drived us here. Now we're chilling in our crib and everyone is super stoked to go snowboarding tomorrow for sure!!


Now we're chillin in Arlanda airport and waiting for our flight. Poker, films, seriesm sleeping and sooo much more all night long. here's som pics:


We're some guys from sweden and one guy from Norway in Saas fee for a month and we're going to update our trip on this blog. The guys you're following is Ludwig Lejkner, Zebastian Landmark, Joachim Krogstie, Jakob Edman, Anton Bilare, Niklas Askmyr, Philip Landmark, Isak Björnström and Felix Mobärg. We will update you with pictures, movies, texts etc every day.


Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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