Day 9

Today haven't been such a great day! We didn't get to snowboard att all today. We went up there just to realize that they where closing down for the day, just beacause of the wind. It was storm power on the top!

Just so you will understand the powers of nature, watch this clip from today!

Blowing in the wind!! from Felix Mobärg on Vimeo.


Heres an small edit from todays riding with Ludde Lejkner, Niklas Asmyr, Zebbe Landmark and Anton Bilare.

checkkk it out!

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SaasFee Crib

check out our awesome crib here in saas fee! its siiiick!

Saas Fee edit!

Heres a small edit from yesterdays riding. Nothing serious, just some funny small clips and we wanted to show you how saas fee looks like so check it out

Day 3

  Third day in saas fee! It's been going great so far, shreding our hearts out all day. Sun has been shining non stop and we've never had more fun!

We didn't take any photos today, but we've got an edit on progress that we will share with you later!
But we got a couple of photos from yesterday! Enjoy!

Jakob Edman!    Why turn around it, when you can go straight through!     Skiers is just doing it all wrong, isn't that right Jakob? :D:D  Anton ''Carz'' BilareJakob and Felix chillax time!

Second day

Yeah broah! today was awesome, the weather, the slope and everything else was perfect! It was a little bit colder then yesterday but it worked out good anyway. Everybody was just crusing around and having fun all day long and it seems like all of us is getting the feeling back on the snow so thats really sick!

Were just taking it easy on the small kickers and riding some pipe but hopefully soon we will try the bigger kickers and start to try some new tricks but its no stress becuase were gonna stay here for a month.


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